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Mise en place de la nouvelle infra

opérations du 11/03/2017

Actions planifiées

Departure - 9H31 - Address: Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam

Planned tasks there (Tharyrok is the mastermind behind it - I'll be the driver/assistant/pizza delivery guy):

  1. Backup right –> rsync [bring external disks]
  2. Shutdown right, and install the IPMI modules on it.
  3. Deploy proxmox on right
    1. Setup LADP (link agregation aka bonding) to left 3a. Setup the floating ip (VRRP) 3b. Change the repos to community ones 3c. Setup gluster-fs 3d. Setup 2-nodes quorum 3e. Setup bird + equivalent for keepalived to be setup by Tharyrok | DO NOT START before the VPN vm is ready. 3f. Switch MTU to Jumboframe (9000)
  4. Deploy a new VM on the right- called vpn - rsync /opt/ispng, transfer the CA – check this TWICE, retrieve slapd and postgresql,
  5. Deploy a new web VM, rsync /var/www /home/*/.authorized_keys, mysql,
  6. Deploy a new VM called DNS, rsync /var/spool/bind to /etc/nds/zones-to-be-created ipv4 et ipv6 + modify wash zone 80.?.?.2
  7. Deploy a new VM called Yunohost with a Debian image
  8. Shutdown left, backup the VPN and DNS VM's from it, install the IPMi module on it.
  9. Deploy PRoxmox sur left 9a. bird + equivalent for keepalived to be setup by Tharyrok 9b. gluster-fs 9c. Join Proxmox cluser
  10. Setup firewalls (iptables 4 the win)
  11. Install a board to be used as a VPN to access the IPMI modules, with a VPN-server running on it + routing

Tests à faire

  • Test fail-over - Beware that all VM's should be on the same host at a given time
  • Test reverse DNS
  • Test VPN
  • Test web sites (main, files, board, wiki,….)
  • Test Proxmox access


Des photos pour se rendre compte de ce à quoi ça ressemblait.

<img style=“transform:rotate(90);” src=“https://brique.e-jim.be/jirafeau//f.php?h=1bSSfFWX&p=1” width=“50%”


<img style=“transform:rotate(90);” src=“https://brique.e-jim.be/jirafeau//f.php?h=0uHzw5c9&p=1” width=“50%”


<img style=“transform:rotate(90);” src=“https://brique.e-jim.be/jirafeau//f.php?h=3aXP8fxK&p=1” width=“50%”


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