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Take care of IT infrastructure and it's evolution (install new services or servers and explore new hosting possibilities).

Current list of members with a full access to our servers :

  • bram
  • jim
  • tbalthazar
  • tharyrok
Every service must restart without human intervention
In doubt reboot
First Ansible, then apply



Manage the servers, services, hardware, network and the relation with other FFDN members to put or accommodate backup machines.

  • Skill required : rigor, patience, concentration, hacking, humor and everything a sysadmin may need to maintain operations.
  • Useful knowledges : system administration GNU/Linux (debian), openvpn, networ (routing, BGP, iptables), classical deployment workflow (php, python, ruby, other), JVM administration (zookeeper, maven for the ISP-ng for the VPN)


All the meeting reports, of each hubs, are available here, even for members meeting, general assemblies and hacking days.


⚠ Most of the documentation is actually written in french


This translation is older than the original page and might be outdated. See what has changed.
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