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  • For general questions : by email
  • For our announcements, news or reminders about our activities, you can join this mailing list

Support Yunohost

  • For support (forum) : under the internet-cube category of the Yunohost support forum.

Support Neutrinet

  • For support (mail) : here
  • For support (irc) : #neutrinet on Freenode (webchat here if you need)
  • For support (chat) : on our Mattermost


  • Bank : ING
  • Association Name : Neutrinet ASBL
  • IBAN : BE52 6528 3497 8409
  • BIC : HBKABE22
  • Communication for cubes and accessories : cube order #xxx (#xxx is the number of your order)
  • Communication for vpn @ prix libre (monthly or annually): vpn membership (and it makes you a membre of Neutrinet ASBL)
  • Communication for donations : donation

Some data to help you to evaluate your own prix libre.

  • ±30 regular active VPN accounts (in 2019)
  • operating costs arround 3400€ / year. (without unpleasant surprises or the purchase of servers).
  • our bank account movements and balance
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