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Pay what you want

Some details to help you evaluate your own fee.

In May 2020, we have arround 35 mounted VPN tunnels every day.

We need arround 3 400€ each year (not including bad news, new servers,…) and you can follow our bank movements here.

About payments

bank account
Banque :ING
Nom:Neutrinet ASBL
IBAN :BE52 6528 3497 8409


(and you become a member of Neutrinet asbl)

communication for
sans papiers For the migrants Internet access
cube order #xxx For cubes and accessories
#xxx is the number of your order
vpn membership For the VPN @ pay what you want (monthly or annually)
donation For donations
domain XXXX.YYY For domaine names (buy, renew, transfer,…)
XXXX.YYY is the concerned domain name


Handle relation with the bank, pay the bills, export / import to

People with access to the bank account are Valerie, tierce, tharyrok.

The bank office we go to is ING Louise, Avenue Louise 205-207.

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