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Reverse DNS

How to add a PTR record

There is a small script that updates the reverse record for a given ip address.

It can be called on the VPN VM as

  /home/jim/scripts/dns/./ <ipv4 ou ipv6> <nom de domaine à y assigner> <serveur DNS à updater>

For the moment, the DNS server is (I just set up this argument for more modularity in the future).



It can have those different return codes:

  • 0 - All went fine, thank you.
  • 1 - First argument is not a valid IP (either v4 or v6)
  • 2 - Second argument is not a valid domain name
  • 3 - The third argument is not a valid DNS server name or IP
  • 4 - The chosen domain name doesn't resolve into the given IP. [1]
  • 5 - nsupdate (the tool used behind) returned an error.
  • 33 - There are less or more than 3 arguments

Most of the time, more info can be found in the stdout.

I hope this can help someone implement reverse DNS into ISPng (including the needed verification that the user has administrative rights on the IP).

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