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Reverse DNS

How to add a PTR record

There is a small script that updates the reverse record for a given ip address.

It can be called on the VPN VM as

  /home/jim/scripts/dns/./ <ipv4 ou ipv6> <nom de domaine à y assigner> <serveur DNS à updater>

For the moment, the DNS server is (I just set up this argument for more modularity in the future).



It can have those different return codes:

  • 0 - All went fine, thank you.
  • 1 - First argument is not a valid IP (either v4 or v6)
  • 2 - Second argument is not a valid domain name
  • 3 - The third argument is not a valid DNS server name or IP
  • 4 - The chosen domain name doesn't resolve into the given IP. [1]
  • 5 - nsupdate (the tool used behind) returned an error.
  • 33 - There are less or more than 3 arguments

Most of the time, more info can be found in the stdout.

I hope this can help someone implement reverse DNS into ISPng (including the needed verification that the user has administrative rights on the IP).

This translation is older than the original page and might be outdated. See what has changed.
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