<!-- TITLE: hub cube --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Brique Internet, Cube, InternetBrik, Da Kub, ... --> ![Logo](/uploads/logo.png "Logo"){.pagelogo} # English :information_source: This is **the hub cube dedicated page**, to have a look at all other pages about this hub, see `hub-cube` in our [documentation](all). :calendar: Have a look at our [agenda](agenda) for meetings and events. You wish to exlpore the pleasures of the self hosting based on some fair priced **libre hardware**? Having your own micro server at home is feasible (feasible... not *magically feasible* :P ). Enroll in a delicious learning curve of the free and open source world and [order your own cube](https://admin.neutrinet.be/) (page in french, if you need help please [contact](contact) us). :books: There are also useful resources on the original project page [here](https://wiki.labriqueinter.net/doku.php). ## Group orders * Follow orders placed on our [back office](https://admin.neutrinet.be/admin) * Send emails using our [ticketing / support](https://support.neutrinet.be) tool. * Actually make the order on [Olimex](https://www.olimex.com/) and other dealer for the microSDs * Receive the order ## Cube installation * Generate the VPN certificates for everyone ([python script](https://github.com/Neutrinet/scripts/tree/master/vpn) or [vpn/order], both can be touchy) * Make the installation, this include quite a lot of discussion and explanations while the installation part should be working out of the box * Meet the member * Debug if needed ## Communication * Inform people that their order are here and how they can get it * Send reminders regarding this ## Support * answer to emails * communicate with yunohost dev team and report bugs on dev.yunohost.org if needed * be there during the 3rd sunday of the month at 123 rue Royale for support * share knowledge of how you've fixed stuff ## join the hub cube Take care of the research, set-up, maintenance and support of the [internet cube](https://internetcu.be/) for the Neutrinet members. It includes the orders follow-up (in collaboration with the [hub admin](administration)) and maybe a little bit of [communication](communication). * Key player(s) : tierce * Required skills : patience, resourcefulness and desire to discover [Yunohost](https://yunohost.org) and the [internet cube](https://internetcu.be/) * Useful knowledge: GNU/Linux administration (terminal), bug reporting, searching forums, python/django. ## Future things that can be done * more user documentation, like finishing the flyer done by l3ibi * integrate hypercube in cube.neutrinet.be to make installation way easier * currently our ordering situation is bad and this create huge delay which sucks * having a stock or ready hardware * document more the workflow and all the things to do * more frequent builds of the image (automated if possible) * script to automatically change all passwords * work on neutrinet help center to reduce support cost and empower users * produce more documentation and flyer and stuff for new members ## Ressources and tools * cube.neutrinet.be https://github.com/labriqueinternet * https://github.com/labriqueinternet/configuration_scripts/blob/master/neutrinet.sh * https://github.com/Neutrinet/fritedombox_tools * contact@neutrinet.be cube@neutrinet.be support.neutrinet.be support@neutrinet.be * https://github.com/Neutrinet/cubeorderinginterface/ * irc.freenode.net#neutrinet irc.geeknode.net#labriqueinter.net * dev.yunohost.org # Français :information_source: Ceci est la **page dédiée du hub cube**, pour voir **les autres pages de ce hub**, merci de visiter la section `hub-cube` dans notre [documentation](all). :calendar: Jetez un coup d'œil à notre [agenda](agenda) pour les rencontres et autre évènements. Envie d'exlporer les joies de l'auto-hébergement sur du **matériel libre** et peu coûteux ? Avoir son propre mini serveur chez soi c'est possible (possible... pas *magiquement faisable* :P ). Engagez-vous dans une délicieuse courbe d'apprentissage du monde libre en [commandant une brique](https://admin.neutrinet.be/). :books: Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur le projet d'origine sur le wiki de [la brique Inter.net](https://wiki.labriqueinter.net/doku.php). ## rejoindre le hub cube Prendre en charge la recherche, la mise en route et le maintien de [labriqueinter.net](http://labriqueinter.net/) pour les membres de Neutrinet. Cela inclu le suivi des commandes (avec le hub-admin), la communication (avec le hub-communication) et le support. * Personne de contact : tierce * Compétences requises : patience, débrouillardise et envie de découvrir [Yunohost](https://yunohost.org) et [labriqueinter.net](http://labriqueinter.net/) * Connaissances utiles : notions d'administration de GNU/Linux (terminal), remonter des bugs, chercher sur des forums, python/django. # Nederlands Te doen