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 +====== How to order ======
 +# 0. Where to start ?
 +- here :
 +# 1. Email
 +Use one of your email address.
 +If you do not use a «real email», your only way to retieve the certificates you need for the VPN is by login on AFTER the complete process.
 +- it will be used as your login for the vpn
 +- it will be also used as your login for
 +- it will be used as the email where your download link will be sent.
 +![Vpn 01 Email](/uploads/vpn/vpn-01-email.png "Vpn 01 Email"){.align-center}
 +# 2. Password 
 +Chose a password, the longest the best.
 +(some password tips?)
 +- it will be used as your password for the vpn
 +- it will also  be used as your password for
 +![Vpn 02 Password](/uploads/vpn/vpn-02-password.png "Vpn 02 Password"){.align-center}
 +# 3. Identification method
 +In theory you can use your BeID and you your Belgian Citizen private key.
 +I never tried, so [use a password].
 +If you want to use your BeID, please have a look [here]( first.
 +![Vpn 03 Identification](/uploads/vpn/vpn-03-identification.png "Vpn 03 Identification"){.align-center}
 +# 4. Without BeID ... manual registration
 +Provide your details.
 +**Reminder**, we provide a encrypted transporting service behind a fixed IP not a total anonymizer package... so you should be ... you.
 +![Vpn 04 Manual Registration](/uploads/vpn/vpn-04-manual-registration.png "Vpn 04 Manual Registration"){.align-center}
 +# 5. Setup
 +Chose a method to setup of the private / public key pair.
 +- Use eID related to previous step 3.  never tried.
 +- so Generate your own key and upload a CSR
 +![Vpn 05 Setup](/uploads/vpn/vpn-05-setup.png "Vpn 05 Setup"){.align-center}
 +# 6. Keypair generation
 +**Reminder**, we provide a encrypted transporting service behind a fixed IP not a total anonymizer package... so your IP, your responsability!
 +- create and open a folder to contain those important files for your vpn
 +- generate your keypair and CSR as explained on the website
 +  - you are generating your private and public keys,
 +  - the details can or cannot represents you
 +  - please consider that the FQDN and EMAIL can be the same as your login email (step 1), it would be easier for us to assist you in case of need.
 +  - do NOT use a challenge password 
 +![Vpn 06 A Keypair](/uploads/vpn/vpn-06-a-keypair.png "Vpn 06 A Keypair"){.align-center}
 +![Vpn 06 B Keypair](/uploads/vpn/vpn-06-b-keypair.png "Vpn 06 B Keypair"){.align-center}
 +![Vpn 06 C Keypair Csr](/uploads/vpn/vpn-06-c-keypair-csr.png "Vpn 06 C Keypair Csr"){.align-center}
 +# 7. Almost here!
 +- turn on IPv4 (if you need an IP v4) and it will provide you YOUR fixed IP.
 +- IPv6 is generated automalically and will be provided by the VPN connexion. 
 +- do not worry about the «review your information field»
 +- check the «Stuff for nerdz» it's important to recieve an email WITH the right link to download you vpn certificate. (because the registration is «buggy» and a newer version is under dev).
 +![Vpn 07 A Almost Done](/uploads/vpn/vpn-07-a-almost-done.png "Vpn 07 A Almost Done"){.align-center}
 +![Vpn 07 B Almost Done Filed](/uploads/vpn/vpn-07-b-almost-done-filed.png "Vpn 07 B Almost Done Filed"){.align-center}
 +# 8.  Done \o/
 +- check your mailbox and maybe spam folder.
 +![Vpn 08 Done](/uploads/vpn/vpn-08-done.png "Vpn 08 Done"){.align-center}
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