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Brique Internet, Cube, InternetBrik, Da Kub, ...


This is the hub cube dedicated page, to have a look at all other pages about this hub, see hub-cube in our documentation.
Have a look at our agenda for meetings and events.

You wish to exlpore the pleasures of the self hosting based on some fair priced libre hardware?
Having your own micro server at home is feasible (feasible... not magically feasible ).
Enroll in a delicious learning curve of the free and open source world and order your own cube (page in french, if you need help please contact us).

There are also useful resources on the original project page here.

Group orders

Cube installation

  • Generate the VPN certificates for everyone (python script or [vpn/order], both can be touchy)
  • Make the installation, this include quite a lot of discussion and explanations while the installation part should be working out of the box
  • Meet the member
  • Debug if needed


  • Inform people that their order are here and how they can get it
  • Send reminders regarding this


  • answer to emails
  • communicate with yunohost dev team and report bugs on if needed
  • be there during the 3rd sunday of the month at 123 rue Royale for support
  • share knowledge of how you've fixed stuff

join the hub cube

Take care of the research, set-up, maintenance and support of the internet cube for the Neutrinet members.
It includes the orders follow-up (in collaboration with the hub admin) and maybe a little bit of communication.

  • Key player(s) : tierce
  • Required skills : patience, resourcefulness and desire to discover Yunohost and the internet cube
  • Useful knowledge: GNU/Linux administration (terminal), bug reporting, searching forums, python/django.

Future things that can be done

  • more user documentation, like finishing the flyer done by l3ibi
  • integrate hypercube in to make installation way easier
  • currently our ordering situation is bad and this create huge delay which sucks
  • having a stock or ready hardware
  • document more the workflow and all the things to do
  • more frequent builds of the image (automated if possible)
  • script to automatically change all passwords
  • work on neutrinet help center to reduce support cost and empower users
  • produce more documentation and flyer and stuff for new members

Ressources and tools


Ceci est la page dédiée du hub cube, pour voir les autres pages de ce hub, merci de visiter la section hub-cube dans notre documentation.
Jetez un coup d'œil à notre agenda pour les rencontres et autre évènements.

Envie d'exlporer les joies de l'auto-hébergement sur du matériel libre et peu coûteux ?
Avoir son propre mini serveur chez soi c'est possible (possible... pas magiquement faisable ).
Engagez-vous dans une délicieuse courbe d'apprentissage du monde libre en commandant une brique.

Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur le projet d'origine sur le wiki de la brique

rejoindre le hub cube

Prendre en charge la recherche, la mise en route et le maintien de pour les membres de
Neutrinet. Cela inclu le suivi des commandes (avec le hub-admin), la communication (avec le hub-communication) et le support.

  • Personne de contact : tierce
  • Compétences requises : patience, débrouillardise et envie de découvrir Yunohost et
  • Connaissances utiles : notions d'administration de GNU/Linux (terminal), remonter des bugs, chercher sur des forums, python/django.


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